Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. (James 4:8)

Prayer, in all its forms, is at the heart of the Christian's life. At the Vineyard we place a high value on praying and bringing our own and each other's needs to God.

On Sundays, at the end of every service, we offer to pray with anyone who wants it, about any need. Those who have been part of our prayer ministry training are available to pray for you and will keep your needs in confidence.

Prayer Ministry Trainings are open to all. Email for more details.

Personal Prayer Sessions
Sometimes in our lives there are issues or seasons where we might want more time to pray and have people pray with us, listening to God together. If you are interested in an opportunity like this, we invite you to consider signing up for our "soaking prayer". This is an hour slot, where 3 or 4 of our trained prayer ministers join with you for a more in-depth time of prayer together. Contact with questions or to sign up.

Prayer Email List
We maintain an email prayer list, which sends out prayers to a collection of church members and staff. If you would like to submit a prayer request please email . If you are a member of our community, and are interested in being part of this list to receive prayer requests via email, please email to learn more about the guidelines we have in place to ensure confidentiality and care. See here for a copy of those guidelines.

We also regularly intercede for the church, the needs of the community, and our world. Please call the church office (650) 327-5727 for up-to-date options.