Our Mission


Our Mission

Receive, Respond, and Risk so that the transforming love of Jesus can be experienced in the communities of the Silicon Valley.

Read a vivid description of what we are longing for as we pursue this mission.

We long to see the lives of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and those we randomly meet transformed by the love of Jesus. We are asking Jesus for His love to touch people of all different ethnicities, ages, lifestyles, and abilities in the communities all around us. Just as we have been given the great gift of Christian community, we would love for many more to be drawn into a community of life with God. The Silicon Valley is an incredibly diverse and wonderful place. We believe that God has a great heart of love and compassion for those of us who live here. Therefore, we seek to live out this call to “receive, respond, and risk” in hopes that we will be a part of the Kingdom of God coming more fully into the communities of the Silicon Valley!

We are created to receive. Just knowing about God is not enough. God wants us to be actively dependent on Him to receive a constant flow of love, healing, belonging, wisdom, purpose and a myriad of other surprisingly great gifts. Receiving  from God means expecting God to be present and active through the Holy Spirit, welcoming His input with a teachable heart, and remaining in ongoing communication with Him. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, we are limited, broken, and sinful people who can so easily drift away from God’s initiative in our lives. Our only hope is to constantly return to God so that we can receive what we need to live, grow, and thrive.

We are created to respond. Responding to God’s initiative by the Holy Spirit is the path to healing, joy and growth in this life. If we are passive, disengaged and unresponsive, we will stagnate and cease growing. Even when we don’t know what to do, say, or believe, we respond by asking and interacting with God and His people. We ask questions.  We give thanks. We worship. We repent. We turn our attention, in whatever way we are able, to hear the voice of God more clearly. And when we hear Him telling us to do something, we do it.

We are created to risk. We express our trust for God by taking real and tangible risks in response to the Holy Spirit. It is often said that “Faith is spelled R-I-S-K”. Risking will often look different for each person but we are united in our desire to see more of God at work in our lives and in the lives of others. People do not come to know God unless someone takes a risk to love them. As a community, we will risk to give generously of ourselves in order  to be a part of bringing the Kingdom of God more fully to Silicon Valley.