Mission Vivid Description


Mission Vivid Description

A Picture of What We’d Like to Be

Palo Alto Vineyard Church, May 2012

By the end of 2015 we want to be a community deeply saturated in the call of God to  “Receive, Respond, Risk so that the Transforming Love of Jesus can be Experienced in the communities of the Silicon Valley”.  We are praying for and imagining a vivid picture of how the Holy Spirit might transform us as a community as we pursue this mission. Here are a few snapshots of where we hope that God is leading us:

Like the Acts 2 community, we are experiencing the constant flow of the Holy Spirit in our midst.  We are a group of people who expect that God has something good for us all the time.  All who have joined with us are hearing fresh words from God that are a great encouragement and give new direction. We have lots of stories of miraculous healings , supernatural encounters with God, and clear words from God for individuals, our community and the Silicon Valley.  Our youth and children are experiencing the presence and the healing power of God.  People who are new or who are visiting our church go away with a sense of the real presence of God in our midst. People show up at every gathering expecting to receive something new and refreshing.

We are a people who are teachable and eager to learn more.  We intentionally put ourselves in places of receiving every good gift of God.  People have made tough choices in their lives and schedules so that they can have more space for pursuing the spiritual journey.  There is a passion for knowing more about the Bible and how to apply it in their lives. There is a palpable sense of eagerness to grow in our faith and depth of experience of God.

We believe that our God is an active, living God.  Therefore, when He prompts or directs us to act, we listen.  We are people who are able to open up and express our joy and gratitude.  We are experiencing more freedom in worship.  Our friendships are full of the active presence and guidance of God.  

Because we are constantly receiving from and responding to God, we are a people who are filled with a desire to pour ourselves and our resources out to bless others.  We are able to take risks because we know that God has our back.  More people are discovering their gifts and strengths as they try out different ways to serve and give.  We are known in our communities as people who are generous with our time, money, possessions and relationships.

Knowing that the spiritual journey is a long obedience in the same direction, we are also constantly making adjustments in our lives so that we can be more aligned with God.  People in our midst are taking big risks with their careers, families, and life trajectories because of the intervention of God.  Even though we live in the busy and driven Silicon Valley, we are not afraid to make space for God.  Our schedules and commitments are shaped by a desire to receive from and respond to God.  

As we grow in our call to be people who receive from God, respond to God and take risks in obedience to God, we are seeing the fruit of being this close to God.  We are taking risks as a church community to try things that we never have before.  We are free to have bold, natural conversations with our friends about the great things that God is doing in our lives.  We are praying for and with people all around us.  We are rejoicing as people are experiencing the love of Jesus and deciding to follow Him.   To us, the Silicon Valley is not just a place of money, superficial connectedness and success but of true spiritual transformation because of the presence of Jesus and His people.