Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith

What great things would you like to see God do in the lives of your friends? In your own life? In our church? These are the questions we focus on each year during a six-week faith experiment called the "Leap of Faith."

Our crazy big prayer for 2016

This year, we're highlighting one particular big prayer for our church: that God would provide us a new venue by the end of the year! To learn more about the Leap of Faith, how to pray or what to pray for, check out the Leap of Faith Booklet.

Need reminding?

Sign up for After Sunday, our weekday e-delivery of insights & reminders from Sunday's service. During Leap of Faith we'll have prayer reminders as well. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/aftersunday

Have a Story?

We'd love to hear how God is at work for you, your six, and our church during this Leap of Faith.

What's Your Story?

When you click 'Send', your story will zip over to one of our staff. We ask for contact info so we can have the option of following up and asking to share your story with a broader audience. If you'd rather remain anonymous, feel free to leave the Name & Email fields blank.