Worship Ministries


Worship Ministries

Why We Worship

Every human heart was made to worship (Psalm 33: 1-3). When we experience something excellent, wonderful, amazing, or good, a desire rises up in our hearts to praise it. In times of difficulty, suffering or desolation we cry out to the Lord for comfort and help (Psalm 57).  We believe that knowing and experiencing Jesus Christ is the most fulfilling thing in the universe. Our natural response to His goodness is to worship Him.

That’s why when we gather together as the church, we like to leave plenty of space for spending time with God in musical worship. Worship is our chance to express our love and gratitude to God. Some people express their love through dance. Others raise their hands to honor God. Others may kneel quietly praying. These are all external expressions of an inward reality—our hearts connecting with God through the Holy Spirit. Worship isn’t always the same every time, because our needs aren’t always the same and God responds accordingly.

Worship is also a place where God meets us powerfully. Often when we worship, we will tangibly sense God’s presence. Sometimes this will cause us to feel a wonderful joy. Other times we may cry tears of thankfulness. God often speaks to us when we worship. That is why we invite members of the congregation to share a Bible passage or word of encouragement during our services.

Worship is more than just music or a Sunday morning experience. The Bible teaches us that our lives are to be a continuous act of worship (Romans 12:1). Worship is a lifestyle where we seek to honor God in all that we do and say.

We encourage you to join us wherever you are in your journey with God. Our hope is that we can help each other grow in our understanding and experience of worship together.

Exploring Involvement in Musical Worship

  • Small Group Musical Worship: If you are in a small group please talk to your small group leader about group musical worship opportunities. 
  • Sunday Morning Musical Worship: If you are a skilled musician or vocalist and want to explore opportunities to serve in musical worship please contact Suzanne.