Financial Help


Financial Help


Missions Venture Fund

Do you see a way to bless the people around you? Do you have a wild idea for how to help people during the current crisis? We want to support your ideas! We look to you to help distribute the money we have, by being neighbors and spreading blessing throughout our communities. We actually have a significant budget for this and would love to have it used as you reach out to the people around you, building relationship and spreading God's love.

One recent example of a Venture Fund activity comes from a member of our community whose neighbor owns a restaurant. The restaurant is struggling with a decrease in customers. The idea came to buy $500 of food from the restaurant and take it to the RV community that we have been connected with. So, they bought the food and used it to bless another part of our community. Ministry partner connections also helped facilitate the distribution. Community working together to be a blessing!

Click here to submit your idea for consideration - PAVC Missions Venture Fund Form


Benevolence Fund

We have money to help people out in emergencies. This coronavirus crisis is hitting people hard. Lack of work could make it difficult to meet a rent payment or a utilities bill. People are suffering in many ways.

If you or someone you know would be helped with some short-term financial assistance in these times, please submit a request. We typically offer $500 per person per year, paid directly to the place the bill needs to be paid. We will work with individuals to determine the current need and the best way for us to help out.

Click here to apply - Benevolence Fund Request Form