Our Vision & Beliefs


Our Vision & Beliefs

We are a community of people called to Jesus Christ. We believe that healthy Christian community is marked by the transparency, love, and respect that Jesus modeled.

Our Vision Is

To be a worshipping community
We believe that worship must be at the very center of all we do as a church. True worship is to honor God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ—not only in our music, but in our words, actions and attitudes.

To be a healing community
We believe that everyone needs the forgiveness and healing that come only from God. As people of God we are given power and authority from Jesus Christ to continue His work on earth: the healing of body and soul.

To be an equipping community
We believe all who follow Jesus Christ are called to continue His ministry. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, we teach and study the Bible with an emphasis on the skills needed for daily living and effective service.

To be an expanding community
We believe Jesus died on the cross to bring all people into God’s family. As His children it is our privilege to communicate this good news to our communities and our world, and to convey His forgiveness and healing to all.


Statement of Faith

Palo Alto Vineyard Church holds to the historical, Biblical Christian faith as expressed in the Statement of Faith of the Association of Vineyard Churches which can be found here.